In Defense of Eye Candy

Ok so no images here. This is a link to an article by Stephen P. Anderson titled 'In Defense of Eye Candy'. The title pretty much says it all. It's an article that explains how important aesthetics actually are, mostly in reguards to sales.


Anonymous said...

Makes me think about blog layouts. Some of the cluttered ones are a turn-off to me. But maybe I'm just a hasty and impatient blog-hopper.

The green vs red vs yellow as points of attractiveness seem in general what I would imagine. Well, actually, I never had thought of yellow as something that makes people think.

I went to school for drawing/painting and now only show anybody my amateur photography. In painting class, in regards to color, it's all about relational ways of seeing. You know, a white wall looking blue with this orange pot in front of it, looking warm here or cool here, and so forth...

Interesting article, thanks for posting.

Rowan | KitschenSink said...

I studied a fair bit of this in human-computer interaction and web design, it's really interesting.

I have seen similar jewellery to mine but with poor photography, and believe mine sells better because I am more 'trusted' because it looks more professional.

Great link.