Beautiful Michigan Scenery

Well despite seeing snow out my window right now (in April!), having the highest unemployment rate in the country, and being home of the Detroit Lions, the state of Michigan still has a lot to offer and is quite a beautiful state. Here I posted a few photos from an email link to a site with plenty of great sights around Michigan. At the bottom of the page there are thumbnails for many other great Michigan photo galleries. Click the images below for enlarged photos.


Little Miss Aaren said...

I really love the second and last pictures. I've been to Michigan a couple of times but really it was just a drive through type thing, maybe I need to spend a bit of time next time. xD

Adam Mann said...

yeah you wouldn't have seen any sights like these while driving through, most of the really cool areas are in the top of the mitten and upper peninsula. plenty of waterfalls in the u.p. too

Ainsley said...

i lived in michigan for eight years and i had to move a few years ago...these pictures are beautiful. thank you!