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Well my trip was all around amazing. I started in Orange County, California for five days, then drove to inland to meet a friend in Palm Springs for the giant Coachella music and arts festival, and then we continued our way to Phoenix for another six days. Here's a couple of the things I got to see along the way. Add me on Facebook to see plenty more pics on my photos page.


Anonymous said...

I'Ve heaRd abOut coAchellA
iT is aMazinG...isn't iT ??
niCe blOg :DD

Adam Mann said...

yeah coachella was amazing. it was my first time there and definitely plan on going again.

Angela said...

Welcome back!

The photos are amazing!

21 said...

Ugh, Coachella, I'm so jealous! What was your favorite performance? BTW, welcome back!

21 said...

I've just awarded you with the *Your Blog ROCKS* award!
Yay for you!
Get the deets on my blog!

Adam Mann said...

coachella was so much fun, no way i could pick a favorite performance. tell u what though, i missed travis and dj am, that woulda been sick.