Please Vote On My Threadless Submission!

I submitted a tee shirt design called 'Watch Where You Sit' to to be voted on and hopefully printed. If I get enough high scores the shirt will be printed and sold from the site and I will win some prizes. Take a look at it and if you like it, sign up and give it a score.

I would GREATLY appreciate anyone who votes for it. It only takes a second to sign up (user name and password). First check whether you'd buy it as a tee and/or print, then give it a score 1-5, and leave a comment if you want to. Pass it on if you'd like, the more votes the better.

Watch Where You Sit


rachel whetzel said...

HA! That's AWESOME. Thanks for stopping by the Gutter, Adam!! It would totally ROCK to have a boy in there!!

sasha said...

thank you for the nice comment! your to nice!